What’s there to know about me?

I live just outside Bournemouth on the South Coast of the UK, a fantastic part of the country as there are miles of rural area and coastline to explore.  Working for a US-based company I have the opportunity of travelling in and around the UK as well as other countries too.  I always pack my running gear so I can explore new cities and culture.

When it comes to running let’s be clear here, I’m no athlete.  I don’t follow a training plan, I just simply try to get out when it fits in with my plans.  I went through a spell of trying to better my times and achieved small goals but realised this wasn’t what running is about for me.  I turned off the alerts on my watch and now simply use it to track my trails for later review.  Yes, I have PBs and achieved distances that I’m happy with but it’s really about exploring, revelling in the moments and snapping the odd photo too.