My first virtual race

The concept of hosting a virtual sporting event is nothing new and has certainly been the only way for events organisers to remain present and for their followers to be engaged this year. For the most part I've opted to defer my entries to next year for two simple reasons. One, I actually want to … Continue reading My first virtual race

Running in Las Vegas

It seems like a crazy idea to go running in a desert that's also an area with a focus purely revenue related. You'd be forgiven in thinking that Vegas is only about the vast hotels, cavernous casinos, live shows, shopping and unique dining experiences. It doesn't quite marry up to going trail running. But that's … Continue reading Running in Las Vegas

Tribal views

One thing I've noticed since I became a runner is the friendliness of other runners. Runners will always acknowledge others regardless. When browsing running magazines, reading running books, scrolling through social media (about running) and generally anything (about running) it's clear to see there's a lot of camaraderie. No one seems to care what you … Continue reading Tribal views

Strava – subscribe and support a community

Don't just give Kudos, give up one coffee shop visit a month As a Strava user for many years, I've always skipped the in-App marketing call to pay for the app. Their recent podcast series, Athletes Unfiltered, was top and tailed with offers to get free months up-front if you hit a specific URL - … Continue reading Strava – subscribe and support a community

Boulder’s First Full and Half Marathon

It came as quite a surprise to me that Boulder, Colorado hasn't held a marathon event before given the the city is synonymous with trail running and awash with famous names. Cited as one of the happiest, healthiest, most scenic and coolest cities in the world surely it'd be a dead cert that events like … Continue reading Boulder’s First Full and Half Marathon

The gear that doesn’t grind my gears

Like anyone hooked into a hobby, pastime or serious sports life addiction there's always a lot of 'stuff' you can buy. Clever marketing suggests that new products will make the best impact, solve the 'problem' we've been having or generally make us superhuman. But that, in reality, is just the marketeers job. Unfortunately, I fall … Continue reading The gear that doesn’t grind my gears