Tenerife BlueTrail 2021

What's this all about? If you want to experience the ecological diversity of Tenerife on foot then this event is completely for you. If you've heard of the BlueTrail then it's more than likely through magazine write-ups and social media and it's not unreasonable to think that there's just one event, the 105 KM Ultra, … Continue reading Tenerife BlueTrail 2021

Running the Stour Valley Way

It’s all about the plan In recent months my trail running had taken me deeper into the local countryside as I’d increased my distances and, it was a revelation to find so many new trails as well as visit new areas. I find that planning a new route is just as much fun, albeit less … Continue reading Running the Stour Valley Way

My First Virtual Race – The Maverick Chamonix 100KM

Holt Heath, local trails The concept of hosting a virtual sporting is nothing new and has certainly been the only way for events organisers to remain present and for their followers to be engaged this year. For the most part I've opted to defer my entries to next year for two simple reasons. One, I … Continue reading My First Virtual Race – The Maverick Chamonix 100KM

Boulder’s First Full and Half Marathon

It came as quite a surprise to me that Boulder, Colorado hasn't held a marathon event before given the the city is synonymous with trail running and awash with famous names. Cited as one of the happiest, healthiest, most scenic and coolest cities in the world surely it'd be a dead cert that events like … Continue reading Boulder’s First Full and Half Marathon

The gear that doesn’t grind my gears

Like anyone hooked into a hobby, pastime or serious sports life addiction there's always a lot of 'stuff' you can buy. Clever marketing suggests that new products will make the best impact, solve the 'problem' we've been having or generally make us superhuman. But that, in reality, is just the marketeers job. Unfortunately, I fall … Continue reading The gear that doesn’t grind my gears