Swiss Alps 100 (50KM) – 2nd attempt

In the days that followed my DNF at this event in August of last year (first attempt blog post here) I couldn't help but notice 7:13 on the digital clocks in my house. The significance of this was nothing more than it was my race number but, I couldn't shake the reminder. I was pretty … Continue reading Swiss Alps 100 (50KM) – 2nd attempt

Tenerife BlueTrail 2021

What's this all about? If you want to experience the ecological diversity of Tenerife on foot then this event is completely for you. If you've heard of the BlueTrail then it's more than likely through magazine write-ups and social media and it's not unreasonable to think that there's just one event, the 105 KM Ultra, … Continue reading Tenerife BlueTrail 2021