Tenerife BlueTrail 2021

What’s this all about? If you want to experience the ecological diversity of Tenerife on foot then this event is completely for you. If you’ve heard of the BlueTrail then it’s more than likely through magazine write-ups and social media and it’s not unreasonable to think that there’s just one event, the 105 KM Ultra, … Continue reading Tenerife BlueTrail 2021

The Maverick Dorset 24KM

My first event of the year that wasn’t cancelled. It was amazing. And why? Because of the people. The people who organised it and the people who attended. Upon arrival to Wilkswood Farm, our base for the day, the marshal gave clear instructions to drive fast up the hill and “…don’t stop until you’re on … Continue reading The Maverick Dorset 24KM

Breaking 2020 KM

“Well, that was a year of running that I wasn’t prepared for.” – I think that would be a reasonable summary of 2020 for most of us runners. Whether our running momentarily stalled or was boosted through the sheer need to break the cycle of lockdown routines, it all changed. At the outset, my running … Continue reading Breaking 2020 KM

Running the Stour Valley Way

It’s all about the plan In recent months my trail running had taken me deeper into the local countryside as I’d increased my distances and, it was a revelation to find so many new trails as well as visit new areas. I find that planning a new route is just as much fun, albeit less … Continue reading Running the Stour Valley Way

Finding your way

For me, running is not about the clocking up of huge distances but the experience of finding somewhere new.  Whether that’s far away from a concrete jungle, which is my preference but to also traverse part or all of a town or city.  I get quite a buzz from finding a new route – it’s … Continue reading Finding your way

3-2-1… Go!

The past six months I’ve worked on this blog… in my head. Every time I’ve headed out of the door and into the local countryside I’ve had another idea of what I could write about. So here it is, the new beginning and for once a blog that I’ve created that doesn’t relate to or … Continue reading 3-2-1… Go!

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