Chicago Marathon 2022

This was to be an opportunity to grab a 3rd star for the Abbott Marathon Majors journey I’d indirectly found myself on and, to add to the anxiety it was also to be run on my birthday. No pressure on myself then. I’d arranged with my employer that I could work from the Chicago office … Continue reading Chicago Marathon 2022

Tenerife BlueTrail 2022

In the shadow of the UK’s airline disruption, I was reminded of how the same time last year travel was only just vaguely beginning to return. In 2021 I walked into the airport with papers anxious for the approval to proceed, yet, this year the terminal appeared to be no different to pre-2020. Less than … Continue reading Tenerife BlueTrail 2022

Paris Marathon

The pandemic has provided everyone with many learnings and experiences, both good and bad, resetting ideas and expectations. Personally, I used running in 2020 to try and remain sane and with the promise of travel restrictions lifting in 2021, I looked outside of the UK for running events. I have a preference for trail terrain … Continue reading Paris Marathon

Valencia Marathon

Purely by chance, I discovered the Valencia marathon from my Instagram feed. It wasn’t a city I’d considered before but then again when I think about it every city is likely to have a race of some form, it’s good for tourism and promotes exercise. I pulled up their website only to discover the entry … Continue reading Valencia Marathon

Berlin Marathon

The Brandenburger Tor or as we non-native Germans call it, the Brandenburg Gate. I found this picture on the wall inside a Lidl supermarket near my hotel the day before actually having the chance to pass through it as a runner. First & third time lucky I couldn’t quite believe it when I received the … Continue reading Berlin Marathon

Swiss Alps 100

I’ll open this post by saying the day wasn’t what I had expected and it was all my fault. Every run I do and event I enter I always learn something new whether that’s about my form, being better prepared or simply understanding the way to run once I’m in motion. This was an important … Continue reading Swiss Alps 100

Tenerife BlueTrail 2021

What’s this all about? If you want to experience the ecological diversity of Tenerife on foot then this event is completely for you. If you’ve heard of the BlueTrail then it’s more than likely through magazine write-ups and social media and it’s not unreasonable to think that there’s just one event, the 105 KM Ultra, … Continue reading Tenerife BlueTrail 2021

The Maverick Dorset 24KM

My first event of the year that wasn’t cancelled. It was amazing. And why? Because of the people. The people who organised it and the people who attended. Upon arrival to Wilkswood Farm, our base for the day, the marshal gave clear instructions to drive fast up the hill and “…don’t stop until you’re on … Continue reading The Maverick Dorset 24KM

Breaking 2020 KM

“Well, that was a year of running that I wasn’t prepared for.” – I think that would be a reasonable summary of 2020 for most of us runners. Whether our running momentarily stalled or was boosted through the sheer need to break the cycle of lockdown routines, it all changed. At the outset, my running … Continue reading Breaking 2020 KM


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