Boulder’s First Full and Half Marathon

It came as quite a surprise to me that Boulder, Colorado hasn’t held a marathon event before given the the city is synonymous with trail running and awash with famous names. Cited as one of the happiest, healthiest, most scenic and coolest cities in the world surely it’d be a dead cert that events like this would be a recurring theme. Clearly not.

Click this link to go to their website

Click this link to take you directly to their registration page

I happened upon an advert for their inaugural Marathon for October 2020 and thought, why not? It’s on the weekend of my Birthday so I thought the stars have aligned. Well, that was late last year before the pandemic reset the world’s view of the importance preserving life.

I’ve opted to take the standard ticket for the Marathon distance and am very hopeful as the world adopts it’s new normal that the event will proceed as planned.

Finger’s crossed.

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